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The Walnut Grove

Then and Now

Tierra Rejada Ranch was founded in 1935 by Monroe Everett.
His grandfather, Aratus Everett was one of the earliest ranchers in the Moorpark area arriving in 1889. In the early years the farm produced many different "dry land" crops such as barley, blackeye peas, and lima beans. After Monroe discovered water, he started growing tomatoes and developing walnut, valencia orange and avocado orchards.

Tierra Rejada Ranch's Walnut Grove is snuggled in a pristine valley between the cities of Thousand Oaks and Moorpark. The property covers over 120 acres of prime Southern California land. Typical hot summer daytime temperatures are mild because of gentle ocean breezes from the west. Activities may be located in full sun, in the shade of tall 100' eucalyptus or under 50 year-old walnut trees planted by Monroe himself.

In 1991 the Walnut Grove area was constructed and opened by hosting fund-raisers for the Moorpark Rotary Club. Since that time there have been hundreds of events ranging from weddings to corporate picnics and family reunions. The guests enjoy the chance to be out in the country on a real working farm. The peaceful atmosphere, the towering eucalyptus trees, and the adjacent creek all combine to provide a unique and private location for special occasions. Every effort has been made to accommodate the needs of guests and clients and yet still retain the character and feel of a genuine southern California ranch.

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